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DispForm.aspx13955952017-10-27 5:52:03 PM<a href="/EN/Pages/OpportunityDetail.aspx?SelectionProcessId=4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f0">Pension Liaison Officer</a>2017-1292017-11-06 4:59:59 AMPension Liaison OfficerADG-E: $62,912 - $79,603Human Resources ServicesEmployee RelationsADG-EOpen<div class="PostingLanguageProfile"><p>Bilingual Non Imperative</p><ul><li>Reading comprehension: Superior level (C)</li><li>Written expression: Superior level (C)</li><li>Oral interaction: Superior level (C)</li></ul></div><div class="PostingYourChallenge"><p>Reporting to the HR Business Partner –Members of Parliament, the Pension Liaison Officer is responsible for developing and implementing communication tools and strategies to support the transfer of information regarding the Members of Parliament Pension Plan to Members of Parliament. The incumbent will represent the House of Commons Human Resource Services, liaising with the Treasury Board Secretariat, owners of the Plan and Public Service Procurement Canada, the plan administrator, to ensure that Members of Parliament are kept informed about and understand contents of the Plan and individual members pension benefits as per the plan provisions. The incumbent possesses a sound level of expertise on the provisions and parameters of the Members of Parliament Pension Plan. The incumbent is responsible for developing, delivering and ensuring the timely dissemination of pension information, on a group and individual basis, ensuring that the information is in a format that takes into consideration the unique nature of the client in the parliamentary context.</p></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Education</span><ul><li>University degree in human resources, finance or a related field OR an equivalent combination of education, training and experience in HR or a related domain.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Experience</span><ul><li>Extensive experience with benefits and pension administration;</li><li>Experience in the interpretation of regulations, policies and procedures in human resources or related field;</li><li>Experience collaborating with key partners;</li><li>Experience developing and preparing communication material for senior management.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Asset</span><ul><li>Knowledge of Members of Parliament Pension Plan.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingCompetencies"><p>Selected candidates will be evaluated against the Human Resources Services Competency Profile – Advisors.</p></div> The purpose of this recruitment and selection process is to staff (1) position on an indeterminate basis and to establish a list of potential candidates. Potential candidates may also be considered for other temporary or indeterminate positions requiring similar competencies at the House of Commons.<div class="PostingEssentialInformation"><ul><li>Selected candidates who do not have valid second language evaluation (SLE) results will be assessed. </li><li>Please note that only applications submitted through our Career Portal will be accepted. Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) on November 5, 2017.</li><li>Please save a copy of the notice of job opportunity as well as all related documents. Once the closing date has passed, these documents will no longer be available.</li><li>If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Recruitment and Selection at before the closing date and time of the recruitment and selection process. We will respond to enquiries within 24 hours (excluding statutory holidays and weekends).</li><li>The House of Commons is committed to an inclusive workplace that ensures full and equal access to employment, development and advancement opportunities for current and future employees. </li><li>The masculine form is used in documents for the sole purpose of simplifying them: it is not discriminatory in any way.</li></ul></div><a title="Opens in a new window" href="" target="_blank" class="PostingApplyButton">Apply</a>



Job Description23533552017-10-13 11:19:45 AM;Document4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f01
Job Description23533562017-10-13 11:19:45 AM;Document4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f01
Competency Profile23533472016-04-29 3:40:37 PM;Document4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f02
Competency Profile23533482016-04-29 3:40:37 PM;Document4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f02
Behaviour-Based Interview23533512015-11-23 8:23:06 AM;Document4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f03
Behaviour-Based Interview23533522015-11-23 8:23:06 AM;Document4a6e07e8-0b8c-e711-adec-000e1e0776f03

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