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DispForm.aspx29886292018-07-28 1:05:47 PM<a href="/EN/Pages/OpportunityDetail.aspx?SelectionProcessId=676cffc9-1e81-e811-bff9-000e1e07bde8">Datacentre Support Senior Analyst</a>2018-1422018-08-06 3:59:59 AMDatacentre Support Senior AnalystADG-D: $69,879 - $88,418 (Under Revision)Digital Services and Real PropertyOffice of the Director, IT Operations and ServicesADG-DOpen<div class="PostingLanguageProfile"><p>Bilingual Imperative (English / French)</p><ul><li>Reading comprehension: Intermediate level (B)</li><li>Written expression: Intermediate level (B)</li><li>Oral interaction: Superior level (C)</li></ul></div><div class="PostingYourChallenge"><p>The Datacentre Support Senior Analyst is a member of a multi-disciplinary team supporting a dynamic and complex environment. He is accountable for providing technical expertise, in a rotational model, to responsibilities related to either supporting the various Datacentre technologies standard configurations or related to Deployment/provisioning activities on medium to large projects in various environments based on operational requirements, all of which evolving in a 24/7 support environment. </p><p>The incumbent prepares and executes work plans, contributes to operational strategies for support or deployment/provisioning of several environments like the developments and productions environments. He defines the technical approaches, processes and tools that best serve each responsibility, while identifying horizontal linkages that best serve multiple clients and the HoC organization. </p><p>There is a responsibility for providing senior technical expertise in the implementation, control and support of the production test and production environments of various Datacentre technologies Deployment/Provisioning responsibilities include ensuring processes and procedures are followed in regard to Datacentre technology deployment activities, functional testing, asset management, contract and licensing management linked to this specific technology domain an assigned tasks.</p><p>When assigned in a support role, the incumbent is responsible for providing senior technical expertise in the resolution of Severity 1 incidents and complex Datacentre issues and leads the problem remediation activities spanning one or more Datacentre technologies. The support responsibilities includes playing an important role in the process of Datacentre technology monitoring through the review of event trends, the determination of correlations with the technology environment, usage, etc., and the remediation of problems and issues. The position provides operational expertise on a wide range of preventive maintenance activities (e.g. patches; firmware; hotfixes; etc.).</p></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Education</span><ul><li>Successful completion of post-secondary education in an Information Technology (IT) related field OR acceptable combination of education, training and relevant experience.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Experience</span><ul><li>Experience with Red Hat 6 &amp; 7 and Centos OS;</li><li>Experience in troubleshooting Linux OS (services, memory, disk space, etc);</li><li>Recent experience in Windows server 2008r2 and Windows server 2012 and Windows Active Directory;</li><li>Experience working with VMware;</li><li>Experience working and troubleshooting problems in a corporate IT environment;</li><li>Experience servicing servers, network switches and storage components;</li><li>Knowledge of Linux commands, Group and File permissions.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Asset</span><ul><li>Experience working with Assyst system;</li><li>Experience working with Cisco equipment;</li><li>Possess Red Hat Certification;</li><li>Experience and/or knowledge in the following platforms / technologies: Bash scripting, Ansible, Cisco, SE LINUX, Perl scripting.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingCompetencies"><p>Selected candidates will be evaluated against the Information Services Competency Profile – Analysts / Programmers.</p></div> The purpose of this recruitment and selection process is to staff the position of Datacentre Support Senior Analyst on a temporary basis and to establish a pool of potential candidates who may be considered for temporary or indeterminate positions requiring similar competencies at the House of Commons. Placement decisions will be based on one or more of the following criteria; Depth, breadth and type of work-specific experience. Further assessments of additional, new or already assessed qualifications or competencies may be further assessed based on work-specific requirements.<div class="PostingEssentialInformation"><ul><li>Bilingual non-imperative appointments could also be considered. Selected candidates who do not have valid second language evaluation (SLE) results will be assessed.</li><li>A variety of assessment tools may be used to assess candidates.</li><li>The masculine form is used in documents for the sole purpose of simplifying them: it is not discriminatory in any way.</li><li>The House of Commons is committed to an inclusive workplace that ensures full and equal access to employment, development and advancement opportunities for current and future employees.</li><li>Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) on August 5, 2018.</li><li>The recruitment and selection documents that can be downloaded from this website using the links provided are presently under review to comply with Web accessibility standards. In the interim, please send all requests for accessible versions of these documents to</li><li>If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Recruitment and Selection at before the closing date and time of the recruitment and selection process. We will respond to enquiries within 24 hours (excluding statutory holidays and weekends).</li></ul></div><a title="Opens in a new window" href="" target="_blank" class="PostingApplyButton">Apply</a>



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