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DispForm.aspx12103852017-02-21 2:54:48 AM<div class="ExternalClassEFBC4FE6554F4875B271159595B62EDF"><a href="/EN/Pages/OpportunityDetail.aspx?SelectionProcessId=d81dfe2d-c74c-e511-80c7-002655368060">Voice-Data Network Support Senior Analyst</a></div>2015-0862016-05-08 4:00:00 AMVoice-Data Network Support Senior AnalystADG-D: $67,660 - $85,611Information ServicesOffice of the Director, IT Operations and ServicesADG-DOpen<div class="ExternalClass5AC02990C2E84611AB9B58ACF79C0E2B"><div class="PostingLanguageProfile"><p>Bilingual Imperative (English / French)</p><ul><li>Reading comprehension: Intermediate level (B)</li><li>Written expression: Intermediate level (B)</li><li>Oral interaction: Superior level (C)</li></ul></div></div><div class="ExternalClass7E403A52C89D4A1AB873830E22A88FC7"><div class="PostingYourChallenge"><p>**Bilingual non-imperative appointments or bilingual complement could also be considered. In order to be considered, the minimum required levels are:<br />Reading comprehension: Intermediate level (A) <br />Written expression: Intermediate level (A) <br />Oral interaction: Intermediate level (A)<br /> <br />The Voice-Data Network Support Senior Analyst is accountable for providing senior technical expertise and ongoing team leadership to the provision of deployment and provisioning, as well as IT support services (except call center) in the production test and production environments, as well as operational support for project implementation across multiple Voice-Data Network technologies, all of which are evolving in a 24/7 support environment. The position develops work plans and operational strategies for deployment and provisioning / support to medium to large Voice-Data Network projects and defines the technical approaches, processes and tools that best serve each project, while identifying projects that have horizontal linkages and elaborating solutions that best serve multiple clients and the HoC organization. There is also a responsibility for providing senior technical expertise in the implementation, control and support of the production test and production environments to support various systems development, testing and deployment activities involving Voice-Data Network technologies. Responsibilities include ensuring processes and procedures are followed in regard to Voice-Data Network technology asset control, contract and licensing requirements linked to this specific technology domain and assigned responsibilities. The position provides operational expertise on a wide range of preventive maintenance activities (e.g. patches; firmware; hotfixes; etc.), and support responsibilities relating to custodianship of the standard configuration. There is also a responsibility for providing senior technical expertise in the resolution of Severity 1 incidents and problem remediation spanning one or more Voice-Data Network technologies.</p></div></div><div class="ExternalClass56123A93CFDD4654973B2066E0AFC1E1"><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Education</span><ul><li>A degree from a recognized university in Computer Science, Information Technology (IT) OR an acceptable combination of education, training and relevant experience.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Experience</span><ul><li>Significant concrete, practical experience testing, deploying and supporting Cisco network infrastructure including the utilization and support of network management and monitoring tools as part of on-going operations;</li><li>Significant experience with industry standard network appliances including McAfee/StoneSoft firewalls and F5 BigIP load balancers and IPS.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Asset</span><ul><li>Experience working with network gateways (ex. Citrix Netscaler, Microsoft E-Gap, ISA or UAG;</li><li>Experience working with VoIP on a Cisco Network;</li><li>Advanced knowledge of Quality of Services (QoS) – Cisco;</li><li>Strong troubleshooting skills;</li><li>Able to work under pressure and manage a heavy workload.</li></ul></div></div><div class="ExternalClass4F9E9A9D4B584376B19EA9D787A8427C"><div class="PostingCompetencies"><p>Selected candidates will be evaluated against the Information Services Competency Profile – Analysts / Programmers.</p></div></div> The purpose of this recruitment and selection process is to staff the position of Voice-Data Network Support Senior Analyst on an indeterminate basis and to establish a list of pre-qualified candidates who may be considered for temporary or indeterminate positions requiring similar competencies at the House of Commons. Placement decisions will be based on one or more of the following criteria depth, breadth and type of work-specific experience; further assessment of a qualification/competency already assessed linked to work-specific requirements; new or additional qualification/competency linked to work-specific requirements.<div class="ExternalClassDB2DF4A819B2430DBAEDC6F8F1BB8B48"><div class="PostingEssentialInformation"><ul><li>Selected candidates who do not have valid second language evaluation (SLE) results will be assessed.</li><li>A variety of assessment tools may be used to assess candidates.</li><li>The incumbent may be required to work extended or irregular hours or overtime on short notice.</li><li>The masculine form is used in documents for the sole purpose of simplifying them: it is not discriminatory in any way.</li><li>The House of Commons is committed to the principles of employment equity. </li><li>Relocation and travel expenses incurred during the recruitment and selection process are the applicant's responsibility.</li><li>Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on February 24, 2016.</li></ul></div></div>



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