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DispForm.aspx13956502018-07-18 12:51:44 PM<a href="/EN/Pages/OpportunityDetail.aspx?SelectionProcessId=fae0cd9b-fafa-e711-b35f-000e1e0776f0">Senior Interior Designer (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment)</a>2018-0142018-08-01 3:59:59 AMSenior Interior Designer (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment)ADG-D: $69,879 - $88,418Digital Services and Real PropertyReal PropertyADG-DOpen<div class="PostingLanguageProfile"><p>Bilingual Non Imperative</p><ul><li>Reading comprehension: Intermediate level (B)</li><li>Written expression: Intermediate level (B)</li><li>Oral interaction: Superior level (C)</li></ul></div><div class="PostingYourChallenge"><p>The Interior Design BCC (Component) Program (ID+BCC (Component)) team is responsible for the delivery of interior design (ID) services to the House of Commons (HOC) in support of three Programs of work: (1) Major Crown Projects (MCP); (2) Recapitalization and Campus Projects, Capital Projects and Standards and Guidelines; and (3) Building Components . The positions provide direction, including the planning, management and implementation of ID projects as they relate to one of the three Programs of Work. </p><p>This position will focus on Building Components also known as Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&amp;E). The position provides direction, including the planning, management, and implementation of ID projects as they relate to the BCC (Components) Program of Work. The strategic direction and technical expertise provided to the projects ensure a high-level approach to ID and BC, respecting codes and regulations, best practice, innovation and heritage design. Responsibilities include procurement and consulting with various stakeholders on the identification and selection of functional interior design and BCC (component) requirements and ensuring quality assurance and integration across all project phases.</p></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Education</span><ul><li>Completion of post-secondary education in an Interior Design program;</li><li>Registered member of a recognized Canadian Professional Interior Design Association.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Experience</span><ul><li>Minimum 8-10 years’ experience on complex, multi-million dollar projects with multiple stakeholders and functions whereby the candidate played a major role in providing Key ID deliverables, including; the procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment;</li><li>Strong knowledge and experience in the application of concepts and methods related to design development, ergonomic and environmental considerations, project documents, specifications for furniture, finishes, and furnishings, tendering process, contract management, project management, interior installations, and post-occupancy management;</li><li>Experience designing and procuring custom furniture, fixtures and equipment;</li><li>Experience leading project phases with a small team of designers;</li><li>Experience developing statement of works and service contracts with PSPC as the Technical Authority or equivalent;</li><li>Experience analyzing procurement issues and providing advice to senior stakeholders;</li><li>Experience managing vendors and phased deliveries and providing technical expertise in regard to FFE;</li><li>Experience in and ability to focus on a single client with a variety of project types or multiple, concurrent projects in various stages of development;</li><li>Experience collaborating with other team members, coordinating work streams and optimizing efficiency within deliverables;</li><li>Proficiency in Excel, Bluebeam/Adobe and AutoCAD.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingPrerequisitesSection"><span class="PostingPrerequisitesSectionTitle">Specific Requirements</span><ul><li>Knowledge and understanding of the technical relationships between interior design, architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering scopes of work in particular concerning integrated FFE;</li><li>Knowledge of project management principles, methods and practices and how they apply to construction projects;</li><li>Knowledge of and experience in data/information management practices and procedures in order to develop reports, provide technical guidance and make impartial recommendations, prepare status reports and generate schedules;</li><li>Knowledge of PSPC administrative policies, guidelines, procedures and governance;</li><li>Knowledge of government tendering, contracting and contract evaluation processes.</li></ul></div><div class="PostingCompetencies"><p>Selected candidates will be evaluated against the Information Services Competency Profile – Advisors/ Planners.</p></div> The purpose of this recruitment and selection process is to staff the Senior Interior Designer position on an indeterminate basis, as well as establishing a pool of potential candidates who may be considered for temporary or indeterminate positions requiring similar competencies at the House of Commons. Placement decisions will be based on one or more of the following criteria; Depth, breadth and type of work-specific experience. Additional, new or already assessed qualifications or competencies may be further assessed based on work-specific requirements.<div class="PostingEssentialInformation"><ul><li>An assignment through the Interchange Canada Program will be considered.</li><li>Bilingual non-imperative appointments will be considered. Selected candidates who do not have valid second language evaluation (SLE) results will be assessed.</li><li>A variety of assessment tools may be used to assess candidates.</li><li>The masculine form is used in documents for the sole purpose of simplifying them: it is not discriminatory in any way.</li><li>The House of Commons is committed to an inclusive workplace that ensures full and equal access to employment, development and advancement opportunities for current and future employees.</li><li>Relocation and travel expenses incurred during the recruitment and selection process are the applicant&#39;s responsibility.</li><li>Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on July 22, 2018.</li><li>If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Recruitment and Selection at before the closing date and time of the recruitment and selection process. We will respond to enquiries within 24 hours (excluding statutory holidays and weekends).</li><li>The recruitment and selection documents that can be downloaded from this website using the links provided are presently under review to comply with Web accessibility standards. In the interim, please send all requests for accessible versions of these documents to</li></ul></div><a title="Opens in a new window" href="" target="_blank" class="PostingApplyButton">Apply</a>



Competency Profile17899442018-06-27 1:15:50 PM;Documentfae0cd9b-fafa-e711-b35f-000e1e0776f01
Competency Profile17899452018-06-27 1:15:50 PM;Documentfae0cd9b-fafa-e711-b35f-000e1e0776f01

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